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Wheeled excavators, although not as capable across rough terrain, perform a vital role in the construction industry. Their increased mobility means that they are better able to cover distances on larger sites - especially if the terrain is of reasonable quality.  Certain manufacturers claim top speeds of up to 36kph, increasing productivity and proving less damaging to the surfaces.

Manufacturers of wheeled excavators, including JCB, have modified versions to suit particular applications - the waste industry uses wheeled excavators - especially at recycling sites where a tracked version is noisier and therefore more likely to be unpopular with local neighbours.  These may typically come with cabs that raise and lower hydraulically to help vision.

The rail industry is a typical buyer of wheeled excavators - they can be adapted to run on the rails and get to jobs under their own steam -vital for speedy night time repairs to the tracks and trackside.

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Buy Volvo EW Series Wheeled Excavator EW160C Plant For Sale
Volvo EW Series Wheeled Excavator EW160C 2011 Wheeled Excavators £48,500.00
Volvo EW160C wheeled excavator fitted with hydraulic high rise cab , hammer/rotate pipework , 3 x check valves , grab bracket , 2.25m blade , legs , screen guard, fire suppression system , aircon , rear camera and Volvo D6E engine ,ce and epa marked , machine is fitted with 2015 Dehaco DSG802 selector grab.
Buy Takeuchi Mini Tracked Excavator TB175W Plant For Sale
Takeuchi Mini Tracked Excavator TB175W 2012 Wheeled Excavators £32,500.00
Takeuchi TB175W wheeled excavator fitted with double locking quick hitch , hammer / rotate pipework , check valves, blade , offset boom , refuelling pump , air-con Machine is fitted with Brand new tyres.
Buy Hitachi ZX Series Excavator ZX210LC-3 Plant For Sale
Hitachi ZX Series Excavator ZX210LC-3 2011 Wheeled Excavators £52,500.00
Used 22000kg high cab excavator / material handler with hydraulic high rise cab with a maximum floor height of 3.9m , 800mm track shoes, double acting hammer lines , double acting 2nd aux lines for rotating attachments , boom and dipper safety check valves , auto lube system, hydraulic quick hitch with x1 bucket , bullet proof glass in cab ,air con , rear view camera , CE marked and EPA
Buy Volvo EW Series Wheeled Excavator EW180C Plant For Sale
Volvo EW Series Wheeled Excavator EW180C
Volvo EW Series Wheeled Excavator EW180C
Volvo EW Series Wheeled Excavator EW180C
Volvo EW Series Wheeled Excavator EW180C
Volvo EW Series Wheeled Excavator EW180C
Volvo EW Series Wheeled Excavator EW180C
Volvo EW Series Wheeled Excavator EW180C
Volvo EW Series Wheeled Excavator EW180C
Volvo EW Series Wheeled Excavator EW180C 2010 Wheeled Excavators £40,000.00
Volvo EW180C, 2010, Excellent Unit, Hammer, shear and rotation Pipe work, Jack legs and Blade. New Tyres 50hrs ago. Ready for work. C/W Hitch First to see will Buy. Part-ex, finance & export all welcome
Buy JCB 3CX Backhoe  Plant For Sale
JCB 3CX Backhoe
JCB 3CX Backhoe
JCB 3CX Backhoe
JCB 3CX Backhoe - Wheeled Excavators POA

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Unlike their tracked siblings, the wheeled excavator will not require a truck and low loader to move between sites.  This means that a wheeled excavator is perfect for city centre jobs and are often found digging up roads for pipes and cables, then lifting them into place.

In general, fuel economy will be improved using a wheeled excavator when compared to a tracked version as they have less rolling resistance.  Manoeuvrability on site can be improved by opting for a model that has four wheel steering like the Terex TW range which operates from 6.8 to 12.5 tonnes – useful for tight spaces, but can run in two wheel steer when at speed.

Tracked Excavator - Has Limitations

While tracked excavators may provide the best all-terrain performance, they have a number of practical limitations in terms of mobility. This is where wheeled excavators come into play, as they can cover greater distances faster and with less damage to fragile surfaces than their tracked counterparts. For use on large sites where excavators have to cover a lot of ground quickly, a wheeled excavator will be the machine of choice.

Wheeled excavators can be designed to take on general tasks across the site, but there are also specialised models that are intended for specific types of work. This includes timber handling and waste management. And in fact, the other benefit of wheels rather than tracks being used for movement is that it helps to reduce the amount of noise that these machines make. When a facility or site is particularly close to a residential area, this could be a crucial asset that makes these places viable. They can also be driven on road surfaces, covering the distances between sites without requiring additional equipment for transport. Some models feature four-wheel steering for added manoeuvrability, which also enhances off-road performance and helps to close the gap between wheeled and tracked excavators away from the tarmac.

Popular Across Industries

The popularity of wheeled excavators in the timber, waste and scrap industries can mean that many second-hand models will not come with a bucket on the end of the boom arm but will instead feature a grab mechanism. This means buyers will need to consider the type of model they require before committing to a purchase. Some models may also have been adapted for use on the railways, as they can be modified to run on the tracks and thus perform a variety of functions in this industry. 

The cab of a wheeled excavator is positioned to provide good all-round visibility for the operator. And because the view is important for both efficient operation and on-site safety, the cab will often be mounted on a hydraulic lift that allows the operator to raise or lower his or her position based on real-time requirements. When buying second-hand, inspect the hydraulic systems, engine and also the tyres, because wear and tear will invariably have an impact on all of these elements.

Who Makes Wheeled Excavators?

A number of manufacturers produce wheeled excavators for the market, including JCB, Liebherr, Volvo and Komatsu. And there are several different weight categories into which these machines fall, ranging from smaller 8.5 tonne models up to 20 tonne units that are built for serious loads. Fuel efficiency for a wheeled excavator will be better than that of a tracked equivalent, since the wheels generate less resistance against the site's surface. This does mean that there is less traction available, but since wheeled excavators will be used in urban environments as well as off-road, this should not be an issue. With top speeds that exceed 35kmph, a wheeled excavator can be a capable tool with a range of potential uses, especially in industries where time-sensitive action has to be taken.

Terex Wheeled Excavator Brochure

JCB  Wheeled  Excavator  Brochure  

Liebherr Wheeled Excavator Brochure

Volvo Wheeled Excavator Brochure

Liebherr Wheeled Excavators

The wheeled excavators on offer from Liebherr range from models with operating weights of around 11 tonnes up to units that tip the scales at 27 tonnes. And while there may be differences in size, power and reach, all of its machines are built with cutting edge hardware and a range of versatile applications in mind. You can buy used Liebherr wheeled excavators to avoid the costs of a new... Read more

JCB Wheeled Excavators

With a range of wheeled excavators on offer, JCB has equipment to suit various workloads. Wheeled excavators are more manoeuvrable than their tracked counterparts and JCB has models ranging in weight from 14.5 tonnes to over 22 tonnes, harnessing heavy duty hydraulics to ensure that loose loads can be lifted just as easily as objects of significant weight. From the JS145W, which benefits from... Read more

Volvo Wheeled Excavators

Volvo wheeled excavators are supremely adaptable workhorses, whether operating on the road or off the beaten track. They offer the perfect combination of the right excavator bucket, proven and useful attachments and the kind of capability in digging performance that can get the job done. There is also a smooth ride and fast road transport speeds, so moving between jobs is easy and more efficient,... Read more

Hyundai Wheeled Excavators

Hyundai offers a range of wheeled excavators with five models ranging from 5.5 to 21 tonnes. The company believes in creating better operator environments for increased productivity, and Hyundai wheeled excavators combine operator comfort with precision control and outstanding build quality to create an impressive family of machines. Wheeled excavators are the ideal choice when mobility is... Read more
Stage 4 Compliant Engines Join Liebherr’s Excavator Range

This month Liebherr has updated it's family of wheeled and tracked excavators with a total of nine new models, each of which comes equipped with a cutting-edge engine that complies with the... Read More

Stage 4 Excavator Range from Doosan Continues to Grow

This week a pair of new Stage 4 compliant excavators built by Doosan have been announced, with both the DX 140W-5 and DX 160W-5 improving on their predecessors by offering the latest engine... Read More

Hitachi Announces Impressive Year Of Sales For UK Arm

The UK-based element of Hitachi’s construction machinery operation has seen a significant rise in turnover in the past year, according to an official announcement made by the firm and... Read More

Doosan Launches New Wheeled Excavator

Construction equipment giant Doosan has announced the arrival of a new 21 tonne Stage IV wheeled excavator, the DX210W-5. The new excavator not only meets and exceeds the standards set out... Read More