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Volvo skid steer loaders are some of the most versatile machines that you will find on any site. Powerful and robust, they are able to rise to almost any challenge. Volvo offers both vertical lift skid steer loaders and radial lift skid steer loaders, with 11 models in the current family.

At the business end of every Volvo skid steer loader you will find a range of attachments designed to get the job done. These include tools for smashing concrete, palletizing materials, carrying earth, digging post holes and cutting trenches. It is no wonder, then, that Volvo skid steer loaders are found working hard on all sorts of sites across all manner of industries.

The range of Volvo skid steer loaders has a number of key features, including an easy entry cab with simple and rapid access via a side entry door, made possible by virtue of the single loader arm design. This design means that the loader is supported by a single, robust arm, mounted on the right side of the machine, rather than the traditional design, which has a loader arm extending from each side. Using the single arm design also means that visibility is improved, with less to get in the way of the operator's sight lines. The cab is also ROPS / FOPS compliant and is designed with the operator's comfort in mind. This is also reflected in the simple and easy to use controls, which boosts productivity by allowing the operator to quickly get to grips with any task.

Another key aspect of Volvo skid steer loaders is the firm's control of the entire drivetrain. Instead of sourcing disparate engines and transmissions from third party suppliers and attempting to make them work together, the Swedish company is able to supply all of these major components itself. Volvo engines are efficient, reliable and powerful and are tailored by the firm to exactly meet the needs of Volvo skid steer loaders. Daily checks and maintenance are made fast and simple by the large and wide opening rear door, which combines with the forward tilting cab to give excellent access to the key service points. Each skid steer loader also features Volvo's innovative universal quick attach system, to make swapping out implements a breeze.

The entry level Volvo skid steer loader is the MC60C. This has an operating weight of 6,153lbs and has a Volvo engine producing 48hp. The rated operating capacity is 1,350lb with a tip load of 2,989lb. At the top of the range, the mighty MCT135C weighs in with an operating weight of 11,827lb and a 74hp engine. The rated operating capacity is 3,000lb and the tip load is 8,628lb. Across the range you will find superb build quality and simple, robust design. They are capable of working in the most challenging conditions and on the most difficult terrain, providing excellent stability and traction. A used Volvo skid steer loader could be a sensible investment, delivering an excellent power to weight ratio and delivering that power to the site in a compact footprint.

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Volvo Skid Steer Tracked Loader

Volvo skid steer loaders combine power with frugal fuel consumption and outstanding environmental credentials. With an innovative single arm design and tried and tested Volvo engines, they are some of the most capable loaders you will find anywhere.

The clever design of Volvo track loaders starts inside the cab. The Volvo Comfort Cab is designed to be roomy and safe. It conforms to all of the ROPS / FOPS safety standards and gives operators around 27% more space than in previous cab models. That extra room means that Volvo can offer more storage space for personal items and there is also a 12V power socket to be found in the handy storage bin beneath the left arm rest. The Comfort Cab has been especially designed to reduce noise in the operator's working environment and the instrumentation is designed to give clear, simple data on key systems.  

Controls are ergonomically laid out and provide easy operation of the loader. Cab access is through a large side door and the operator can enter and exit the cab without any need to clamber over any attachment. There is a sturdy non-slip step to aid entry and the operator does not need to climb under a raised loader arm in order to gain entry to the cab. Taken together, the features of the Comfort Cab contribute to a more relaxed and comfortable operator environment, which contributes to greater productivity.

The Volvo track loader family has a unique single arm loader design that can deliver all the power and strength of the traditional twin arm loader design but gives the advantages of easy side entry and greater visibility and safety. There is simply less to get in the way of the operator's sight or movements. Weight is distributed uniformly across the footprint of the Volvo track loader, to provide better stability when the machine is handling the largest loads. The machine is also perfectly balanced from side to side. These loaders also have superb vertical lift characteristics, which is ideal for materials handling and truck loading operations. This is delivered through greater reach and height and also a boosted lift capacity in repetitive loading and carrying tasks. The Volvo track loaders have also been designed with oversized fuel tanks to give longer working shifts and greater productivity.

That productivity is also enhanced by a design which gives increased uptime through user-friendly service capabilities. All of the routine check points and even major components are designed to be easily accessed, meaning that the Volvo track loaders spend less time in the workshop and more time on the job an earning you money.

Hydraulic leaks are virtually eliminated by the use of O-ring face seals on the hydraulic connections, which provide a completely leak free joint. The loader arm pivot pins on the Volvo track loaders are larger and stronger than those used by other manufacturers and they spread the load evenly across the single arm design, giving increased durability and service life. With a huge range of implements, the Volvo track loader is a versatile and powerful machine.

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