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Volvo's new F-Series Dumper
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Volvo was one of the pioneers of dumpers, which they also call articulated haulers. The company is still a leader in the market today and offers a range of dumpers for a variety of sectors, including earth moving, materials handling, mining, quarrying, tunnelling and waste handling. The range comprises the A25G, A30G, A35G, A40G, A35G FS and A40G FS models.

Across the Volvo dumper range you will find a host of features to deliver performance and productivity. These include the Volvo drive train. This all-Volvo system runs from the engine to the transmission, drop box and axles. Being an all-Volvo system means that the company has been able to develop these vital components to work perfectly together, rather than adapt third party solutions. 

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Buy Volvo A Series Dumper A25E Plant For Sale
Volvo A Series Dumper A25E
Volvo A Series Dumper A25E
Volvo A Series Dumper A25E
Volvo A Series Dumper A25E
Volvo A Series Dumper A25E
Volvo A Series Dumper A25E 2010 Dump Truck POA
8070 hours
Buy Volvo A Series Dumper A25F Plant For Sale
Volvo A Series Dumper A25F 2011 Dump Truck POA
Buy Volvo A Series Dumper A30E Plant For Sale
Volvo A Series Dumper A30E 2008 Dump Truck POA
Tyre Size: 750 Tyre Condition: 50% Description:6X6 , CE MARKED, EXCELLENT CONDITION
Buy Volvo 861 Dumper 861 Plant For Sale
Volvo 861 Dumper 861 1981 Dump Truck POA
Volvo 860 dump truck perfect mechanical order everyday quarry use until recently great machine AB plant and motor fully vetted and registered exporter s uk Ireland Pakistan Vietnam Sri Lanka
Buy Volvo A Series Dumper A30G Plant For Sale
Volvo A Series Dumper A30G 2015 Dump Truck POA
Buy Volvo A Series Dumper A30G Plant For Sale
Volvo A Series Dumper A30G 2015 Dump Truck POA
Choice of 2, CE plated, owned and serviced from new, very good original condition
Buy Volvo A Series Dumper A30E Plant For Sale
Volvo A Series Dumper A30E 2008 Dump Truck POA
Tyre Size: 750 Tyre Condition: 50& Description:6X6, CE MARKED, EXCELLENT CONDITION.
Buy Volvo A Series Dumper A30D Plant For Sale
Volvo A Series Dumper A30D 2006 Dump Truck POA
Buy Volvo A Series Dumper A30D Plant For Sale
Volvo A Series Dumper A30D
Volvo A Series Dumper A30D
Volvo A Series Dumper A30D
Volvo A Series Dumper A30D 2007 Water Dumper POA
13,170 hours, 50% tyres
Buy Volvo A Series Dumper  A25E Plant For Sale
Volvo A Series Dumper  A25E
Volvo A Series Dumper A25E 2011 Dumpers POA
Volvo A25E 2011.
Buy Volvo A Series Dumper A25 Plant For Sale
Volvo A Series Dumper A25 - Dump Truck POA
Buy Volvo A Series Dumper A25 Plant For Sale
Volvo A Series Dumper A25
Volvo A Series Dumper A25
Volvo A Series Dumper A25 1998 Dump Truck POA
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Used Volvo A Series Dumper


Volvo dumpers also include hydro-mechanical, self-compensating steering, which gives the machines a longer life and boosts safety. There is also a choice of either 6x4 or 6x6 models, giving greater efficiency, extending operating life and better performance in off-road situations. The Volvo Care Cab, meanwhile, has a central operator station that offers excellent 360 degree visibility and provides a spacious, comfortable and safe working environment.

Access to the service points is kept simple with a swing-down grille platform and the range of Volvo dumpers also helps the environment by being 95% recyclable. The company*s CareTrack telematics package is included to provide vital data to help operators keep costs down and the vehicles' fire suppression systems have been specially developed for Volvo dumpers.

Volvo construction invented the dumper in 1966 and remains at the forefront of innovation in the sector today. The G-Series dumpers are designed to travel, manoeuvre, and dump loads in the safest and most efficient manner. These machines feature a special oscillation and articulation joint, providing the connection between the trailer and tractor. This connection gives high ground clearance, which is vital when operating on uneven site terrain. The dumpers also have hydro-mechanical steering and a rotating hitch design which is maintenance free.

The engine is a Stage IV / Tier 4f unit and delivers the ideal combination of low fuel consumption and excellent performance. The dumpers also have multiple we, oil cooled disc brakes on every axle, which give superb retardation on even the dustiest and muddiest sites. Braking power is assisted by the Volvo engine brake when travelling downhill. Also vital on a dump truck is the automatic traction control system (ATC). Volvo*s ATC system has no-slip, 100% lockable no-wear differential locks in both the 6x6 and 6x4 drive configurations. The ATC system automatically engages the differential locks and then chooses the optimal combination according to the underlying ground conditions. This gives the best traction and manoeuvrability, while also reducing tyre wear and fuel consumption.

The frame of the Volvo dumpers is built to be extremely durable. Both front and rear frames are rigid and heavy duty and are designed to withstand the most arduous off-road conditions over a long working life. Robotic welding is used in the construction process to boost strength. The Volvo dumper range benefits from decades of experience in the sector, and a used Volvo dumper could be a particularly sensible investment.

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