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Terex provides small scale rollers for flattening out surfaces through compaction and providing an excellent finish in various scenarios, whether as part of a road maintenance deployment or in the landscaping of areas where a larger roller would be inappropriate.

There are two distinct types of roller from Terex, with ride-on vibrating rollers being available alongside single drum rollers that allow the operator to walk along behind them and have excellent control even where movement is restricted by the space available.

You can find second hand Terex rollers if buying new is not an option and with clever engineering ensuring durability, a used machine from this manufacturer is a good investment in most cases.

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Buy Terex TV Series Tandem Vibrating Roller TV1700 Plant For Sale
Terex TV Series Tandem Vibrating Roller TV1700 1999 Rollers £15,500.00
Benford twin vibrating drum roller with 1.7m drum width

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Used Terex Roller for Sale

There is currently only one single drum roller on the market from Terex, although few will contest that the MBR71 fits into its intended category well and is impressively powerful for a machine of its size. It weighs 512kg and can easily be transported on a small trailer, while the 710mm drum width provides a good deal of coverage and means that fewer passes will be necessary. The air cooled engine is efficient and easy to start, while the transmission is hydrostatically controlled and makes it simpler for the operator to manoeuvre the unit by hand. Scraper bars are mounted at the front and rear of the drum so that its surface it kept clear and clean during use, enabling it to compact surfaces evenly and consistently each time. There is also an integrated water system for drum cleanliness, with Terex designing it to lessen the likelihood of corrosion occurring with regular use.

For tandem vibrating rollers, the Terex range becomes a little larger. And these are machines designed in part for the rental market, which is why they have to be tough enough to work day in day out without giving up the ghost. With an operating weight of 1559kg the TV800 is the smallest of the bunch, offering a solid 800mm drum width and benefitting from a diesel-powered engine with a tried and tested design. Optional extras can be added to this and other models, including such things as a folding frame to provide roll over protection, an alarm to alert other site users to when the TV800 is reversing and even a breaker tool attachment that comes with all the parts you need to alleviate compaction rather than create it.

The biggest tandem vibrating roller from Terex is the TV1400, which tips the scales at 4390kg and has a maximum drum width of 1400mm. It too can be equipped with extras and there is even an optional sun canopy available from new. So when you are buying used it is a good idea to check if a model that is in the running has any additions to the stock array of equipment to make it a more appealing purchase. Clean rollers with lots of wear left in them will be desirable when buying a roller second hand, as will the presence of fully functional secondary systems that keep the whole assembly working well.

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