Heavy-Duty Tracked Excavator from Hyundai Heading to Hillhead 2016

hyundai excavatorThe best construction and quarrying machinery available in the UK at the moment will be on display at this year’s Hillhead show in Derbyshire later in the month, with Hyundai confirming that it will be debuting the new HX480 L excavator.

This HX series model will be endowed with all of the same systems and solutions that its smaller stable mates have to offer. But with a working weight of 49.5 tonnes, it will be a more powerful and capacious excavator, destined for intensive use on large projects.

One of the advantages for operators is the inclusion of an integrated monitor which is both touch-sensitive for ease of use and larger than the displays found on Hyundai’s past generation of excavators.

As well as providing important information about the performance of the machine, the monitor can be used to mirror the display of a compatible smartphone, harnessing even more processing power and a wider range of apps and services as a result. This is achieved via a wireless Bluetooth connection, which should be supported by the vast majority of modern handsets.

A Safer, More Stable Option

The touchscreen controls are enhanced thanks to the presence of a haptic control set-up, meaning that operators can pick the interface which they feel works the best for their needs.

Visibility is enhanced thanks to the use of cameras mounted on the exterior which are combined together in a single panorama to give a virtual operating view that encompasses a full 360 degrees, according to the Construction Index.

In combination with the ability to automatically detect moving objects in the vicinity of the excavator and alert the driver accordingly, this makes the HX480 L a safer, more stable option for use on busy, crowded sites.

A Scania diesel engine has been selected to power this machine, offering Stage 4 emissions compliance and plenty of power to ensure cycle times are minimised.

See Them in Action

Those who attend Hillhead 2016 will be able to see the HX480 L in action at Hyundai’s stand, or at least get a glimpse at how some of its systems work via a functional demonstration. And there will be a number of other machines from this manufacturer on display alongside it, some of which will indeed be taking to the arena in which true earth-moving showcases will take place.

One of these models is the larger HX520 L tracked excavator, which at 52 tonnes is the big brother to the HX480 L. This, along with wheeled loaders and other models from its latest product line-up, have been confirmed to make an appearance.

Hillhead Quarry, which is located near Buxton, is once again the venue for the show. It starts on Thursday the 28th of June and concludes on Saturday the 30th. It is still possible to register for a pass to attend the event, although since it is close to its starting date, those wishing to attend will need to print out an e-badge rather than receive one in the post.

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