Komatsu Continues To Roll Out New Wheeled Loaders

Over the past year the range of wheeled loaders offered by Japanese construction machinery manufacturer Komatsu has been gradually updated, with the latest examples coming with efficient engines, bigger buckets and high-end hydraulics.

The most recent model to be announced is the WA500-8, which Komatsu claims will offer the ability to boost productivity by a tenth when compared with the older WA500-7, according to Construction Equipment.

It is more compact than the WA600-8, using a 357hp engine instead of a 529hp power plant. But it still offers lower fuel consumption and improved serviceability, as well as a range of compelling features that will appeal to operators.

More Fuel-Efficient


Komatsu’s new WA500-8 wheeled loader

The engine is built by Komatsu to adhere to Tier 4 Final emissions standards while being five per cent more fuel-efficient than its predecessor. And with electronic systems controlling the amount of torque that is on offer depending on the weight of the payload, the machine can operate optimally at all times.

Bucket capacities for this model start at 5.2 cubic metres and rise to 6.3 cubic metres, providing a breakout force of almost 24,500kg and offering dumping clearance of up to 3.3 metres.

In the cab is a newly designed seat that features an air suspension system to soak up engine rumble and impacts alike. The majority of the operator’s controls are all found on the seat itself, meaning there is no need for the occupant to constantly reach out to remain in control of the machine.

Getting at the engine for maintenance and servicing is made simple thanks to a pair of gull-wing doors which are mounted over the compartment, letting maintenance team members quickly check up on its status and repair or replace components as necessary. So the WA500-8 wheeled loader will not spend hours out of action when something technical needs to be addressed.

Intelligently Designed and Competitively Priced Machinery

Komatsu is currently the second-biggest manufacturer of construction equipment in the world, so when it launches new products it makes sense for its rivals to pay attention to the features they offer. Its sales performance should also be seen as an indication of the health of the market as a whole.

In its latest results it revealed that the last fiscal year saw a 6.3 per cent decline in net sales, according to International Construction. The company claimed that this is a reflection of the slowdown in sales across the globe, with issues in emerging nations such as China and Brazil contributing to this state of affairs.

In spite of this, Komatsu did manage to express a positive outlook on it performance in North America and Europe over the course of the coming year while also asserting that it has been working to shore up its status in Asia.

The WA500-8 wheeled loader is the latest product to demonstrate Komatsu’s ongoing commitment to launching construction machinery which is intelligently designed and priced competitively enough to give buyers an alternative to the other established brands on the market at the moment.

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