Electric Forklifts from Doosan Unveiled

Doosan_logoA brand new range of electric forklifts has been revealed this month by manufacturer Doosan, expanding its existing range of models with machines powered by 80-volt motors and offering lift capacities of up to 3.5 tonnes.

The latest arrivals fall into the 7-series selection of trucks and bring various benefits to the table, including an optional extended wheelbase model and standard features which will keep operators comfortable and enhance safety, according to MHW Magazine.

The efficient yet powerful electric motor and battery combination promises to ensure that each truck performs consistently throughout each working cycle. And the inclusion of LED spotlights not only gives operators a better overview of their surroundings in dim conditions but also lessens the amount of energy which is used to provide this illumination.

Increased Strength and Durability

Perfect for indoor use in warehouses and factories, the latest 7-series forklifts from Doosan keep operators protected from falling objects and prevent injury in the event of rollovers thanks to a sturdy frame. The underlying chassis has also been built to offer increased strength and durability, lowering maintenance costs and extending the life of these machines.

As well as adjusting the set-up of the mast to give operators a better front-facing view, these machines come with onboard mirrors for 360-degree visibility as well as a loud horn that will be able to alert others to the presence of a truck even in hectic working environments.

Manoeuvrability is assured thanks to the latest steer axle set-up that Doosan has adopted for these trucks, while the compact nature of the counterweight keeps the footprint of the machine to a minimum, allowing it to work effectively even if shelving is stacked in close proximity to maximise the use of the available area.

Good for Indoor and Outdoor Work

While indoor use may be where these electric forklifts excel, the cutting-edge 7-series has been built to cope with outdoor work. All of the electric components are sealed against the elements, with IP65 ratings achieved and more impressive certification set to be awarded to the range before it goes on sale.

This means that these models can perform capably even if it is raining, with plenty of traction provided by the tyres to ensure they stay safe even when moving over slippery surfaces such as wet concrete or tarmac.

Electric forklifts are invariably a lot quieter during operation than their diesel-powered counterparts. But this has not stopped Doosan finding new ways to reduce noise levels further with its latest range, providing operators and other workers with a more civilised time when working on a site with these machines.

Higher-capacity batteries are available as an option, and buyers can specify additions and attachments as necessary. This means that when the new 7-series forklifts from Doosan enter the used market in the coming years, there should be a lot of different features to watch out for as well as a good chance that second-hand models will still be in excellent condition even with quite a few hours on the clock.

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