Doosan Begins Production of Biggest Ever Forklift Range

When it comes to creating large forklift trucks, Doosan is well known for championing machinery in this category with the 7-Series family. And now it doosan forklifthas confirmed that new additions to this range will be even bigger still, with production getting under way on the latest models over in its native South Korea this month, according to MHW Magazine.

The largest of the trucks will have a lift capacity of 25 tonnes, while its smaller sibling will be able to handle loads weighing up to 18 tonnes. And with expansive load centres to accommodate all this weight, it is easy to see why these are being received as the new titans of the industry.

Each of the new high-capacity forklifts from Doosan comes with a diesel engine designed and built by the firm itself. These 7.6 litre power plants are Stage IV compliant, meaning they meet emissions standards set in Europe and thus allow for cleaner and greener operations than their precursors.

Decreased Emissions

As with all good modern machinery, the engine and exhaust system have been designed in such a way to keep emissions down without also requiring the use of a diesel particulate filter. This is advantageous for a number of reasons, not least because it means that there is no need to maintain and replace the filtration components, leading to lower running costs as a result.

The DV18OS-7 forklift and its stable mate are so advanced, in fact, that emissions have been cut by 90 per cent thanks to the use of a new treatment technology in the exhaust system called a diesel oxidation catalyst. This means that large machinery like this is finally catching up with road-going vehicles in terms of efficiency and the reduction of harmful gasses they generate.

Big machines such as these also need plenty of power and torque, which these engines should be able to offer in spades. And these high-capacity forklifts are also built to work tirelessly even in tough conditions and very taxing environments, with the large and durable tyres doing a lot of hard work to ensure that slippery or uneven surfaces are not an issue.

Safe, Secure and Spacious

Operators that are put in charge of these new high-capacity Doosan forklifts will find themselves on board the company’s impressive Zeus cabin, which is a safe, secure and spacious place to spend time. Attempts have been made to improve comfort through various systems that reduce the noise and vibrations which pass through to the operator, while there are also lots of storage spaces and containers to hold tools and other useful objects that will be required throughout the day.

With the production of these forklifts under way, Doosan is going on a promotional tour which will be stopping off in the UK later this year during the IMHX exhibition in September. So one of the first places to see the biggest forklifts that this South Korean firm has ever produced will be at the NEC in Birmingham.

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