Doosan’s Latest Loader Is First to Feature Hydrostatic Drive

The Doosan DL200-5 wheeled loader has been announced in the past week, with the South Korean manufacturer confirming that this is its first machine to benefit from hydrostatic drive technology, according to Equipment World.

It arrived along with the DL200TC-5, which also has a hydrostatic drive system but is instead designed to carry tools rather than collect and load loose materials of all types. And as you would expect, there is a lot more to these new models than this single shared attribute.

Cost Effective Features

A 142hp engine with Tier 4 Final emissions compliance is found on board each DL200 series machine. And Doosan has added an automatic shutdown capability to these models so that the engine will not sit idling for extended periods and keep consuming fuel in the interim.Doosan_logo

The shutdown settings can be adjusted by the operator so that the engine cuts out after as little as a minute of downtime or as long as an hour at the upper end of the scale. And with a trio of settings to determine the power output of the engine, it is possible to be very economical with the loader and tool carrier if fuel consumption is a major concern.

The DL200-5 wheeled loader is available in both standard and high lift models, with the former offering a maximum dump height of just under 2.9 metres, while the latter increases this to 3.35 metres with only a marginal increase to its operating weight as a result.

The importance of the hydrostatic drive capabilities of both Doosan machines is based on the fact that as well as offering enhanced efficiency when compared with standard transmissions, there should also be lower costs for maintenance because the wear and tear is significantly reduced. This is made possible thanks to the way that the hydrostatic drive manages the speed of the machine, enabling the engine to take some of the strain off the brakes and thus avoiding the need to replace them as regularly.

More Advanced Machines

This should make the DL200 series models suitable for sale on the used market in years to come, since the hydrostatic drive will have kept the whole machine in a better condition than some of its equivalents which are not quite as advanced in this area.

Doosan’s list of additions to the wheeled loader and tool carrier continues with the special traction control capabilities, which, like the power management, can be switched between one of three settings depending on the needs of the operator. This includes a top-level setting so that as much traction as possible is available as well as varying degrees of lesser levels which still keep the machines on the straight and narrow without wasting power in the process.

Further customisation of each machine’s operation can be carried out via the speed control settings, while the hydraulics are optimised to ensure that they do not tax the engine. A comfortable large cab with well-arranged controls and real-time feedback on fuel usage also come with each machine.

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