Bobcat Tracked Loaders Will Receive Undercarriage Update

The compact tracked loaders offered by Bobcat are set to benefit from the introduction of a new undercarriage design which will be available as an option on a number of models ranging from the T550 to the T770, according to Construction Equipment.bobcat loader

One of the key benefits of the improved front idlers featured on this latest set-up is that they should not only cut vibrations and improve the durability of the whole assembly but also mean that less bumping and shaking is passed on to the operator, thus leading to enhanced comfort levels. The dual-flange design at the front makes this achievable, while Bobcat has stuck with single-flange idlers at the back so that the tracks are kept in position at all times.

A New Design

The addition of a new roller suspension set-up is another of the improvements on offer, in addition to a change in the way that the tension cylinder is mounted which should make it simpler to get access to the space between the tracks and the rest of the machine when the time comes to remove debris after a long stint of use.

The undercarriage should do a lot of the clean-out work itself because of its sloped design, meaning that gravity will help with the removal of unwanted material as the compact tracked loader is going about its business. In all, the maintenance of these machines should be a less time-consuming process and longevity should be increased as a result.

Other benefits that come with some Bobcat models which are available with the updated chassis design include a significant increase in the amount of fuel which can be stored on board at any one time. Increases of 45 per cent have been made available on some machines, meaning that the need to return for refuelling will be reduced.

A Popular Choice

The undercarriage has also made it possible for these machines to offer almost a third more ground clearance than in the past, meaning that even on the most slippery or rubble-strewn surfaces there should be no problems involved with moving across the site. This applies to both the front and rear, so even the process of overcoming small obstacles should be less of a problem, and cycle times should speed up as well.

Bobcat offers both narrow and wide track set-ups for its compact excavators in this range, and it will still be possible to change between the two if necessary, even when selecting a model that comes with the cutting-edge undercarriage.

There are both tracked and wheeled loaders available from Bobcat, with used skid-steer models proving to be a popular choice for those who want machines that can operate quickly and efficiently across various surfaces. And the introduction of this new undercarriage set-up to existing ranges promises good things for the future of the firm’s machinery, since improved comfort, durability and convenience are all things that buyers will be looking for the next time they choose to upgrade their compact loaders.

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