New Liebherr Wheeled Loaders to Benefit from Efficient Transmission System

Liebherr has revealed more information about its new XPower wheeled loaders this week, confirming that all of the latest models will be equipped with a transmission that should make them almost a third more efficient than models without this technology.

The machinery manufacturer is set to debut the new wheeled loaders in the flesh at an event held in its native Germany next spring. And the most interesting feature on offer is the power-split drivetrain, which combines both hydrostatic and mechanical systems utilising an advanced gearbox.

The idea is that the transmission will switch between the two types of drive that are available to it depending on the circumstances in which the loader is being used. So when the machine has to maintain momentum over longer distances or while climbing slopes, the mechanical system will be deployed, with the hydrostatic system coming into play when stop-start manoeuvres are being carried out during the actual loading process, according to Equipment World.

The hybridisation of two transmission types should mean that these XPower wheeled loaders from Liebherr consume up to 30 per cent less fuel than models which have a standard drivetrain at their disposal.

Liebherr spokesperson Martin Gschwend said that his firm is convinced that more equipment of this size will take advantage of power-split transmission technology in the future, because it delivers the best of both worlds in terms of performance and efficiency. He also pointed out that maintenance costs would be reduced as a result of this technology being used, since the switching capabilities put less strain on the components and would minimise wear and tear over time.

Liebherr LoaderFurthermore, the fact that the power-split transmission is a standard feature on all XPower wheeled loaders is being promoted as an additional benefit, with Liebherr promising that the new models will only be marginally more expensive than their predecessors as a result of inflation and not the addition of this system.

Gschwend said that during the testing process of the new XPower loaders, Liebherr has not recorded any instance of crucial components malfunctioning. This level of durability, trialled for over 65,000 hours in real-world conditions, should be another feather in the cap of the range as it is prepared for a full launch next year.

Wear and tear on other components is being cut thanks to developments in the design of these wheeled loaders, with the new XPower models reported to offer reduced wear on everything from the brakes and tyres to the axles and internal machinery.

In the cab, operators will be able to benefit from improved visibility levels, with designers catering to those who prefer to view their surroundings with their own eyes and conveniently mounted mirrors rather than via onboard cameras and digital displays. The cabs are also roomier than outgoing models and feature plenty of modern technology to make the operation of the machine as efficient as possible.

Expect to see more of the XPower wheeled loaders from Liebherr in April of 2016, and existing models on the used market may become more affordable after the full launch.

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