New Wheeled Loader For Waste Industry Unveiled By JCB

JCB is updating its Wastemaster wheeled loader range with a wheeled loader that features a number of new updates, including a revised cab design which is intended to offer various improvements compared with older models.

JCB 457 wastemaster

JCB is updating its Wastemaster range with the 457 Wastemaster

457 Wastemaster

The 457 Wastemaster benefits from featuring a CommandPlus cab, which is something that no other JCB machine has offered prior to the introduction of this model.

The cab itself has not only been structurally overhauled, but there have also been changes to the rear counterweight, the engine cover and the overall set-up of the loader, giving the operator better visibility thanks to the alterations that have been made.

Operator comfort should be enhanced with this model as a result of the improved filtration of air which is fed into the cab, while the 457 Wastemaster will also come with the ability to automatically detect objects which get too close to its rear, allowing for improved safety and a reduced chance of damage being done.

JCB has honed this wheeled loader for the waste management industry by adding heavy-duty tyres to the list of standard equipment, each of which is described as being puncture-proof.

Operator safety is further bolstered thanks to the automatic fire-suppressions capability offered by this machine.

The 457 Wastemaster is the biggest wheeled loader built by JCB that is compliant with the latest Tier 4 regulations on emissions, thanks to its efficient and modern MTU power plant, which is of course diesel-powered.

It will be able to cut down fuel consumption by up to 16% when compared with the equivalent outgoing model, which will represent a significant saving for any organisation that acquires it.

The cab should offer class-leading rollover protection for operators, in spite of the fact that it is actually more spacious and accommodating than anything that has come before it.

Everything from the steering column to the position of the pedals has been rethought and repositioned, while the panoramic windscreen gives largely unobstructed views to the operator.

A pair of integrated displays are featured within the cab, the latter of which not only provides access to the feed from the 457 Wastemaster’s rear-view camera system but also hosts various menus to make controlling the loader mechanisms a more precise process.

In terms of noise suppression, no other wheeled loader of this size can match JCB’s new model.

It has managed to reduce levels in the cab to 67dB, bringing it down from the 71dB rating that was achieved by its predecessor.

Even things such as the way the operator enters and exits the cab have been thought about and revised for this model, with the front-mounted hinges on the door not only improving accessibility but also meaning that it is easier to get access to the engine to maintain it at appropriate intervals.

With the JCB 457 Wastemaster, it seems as if the manufacturer has done everything in its power to design a wheeled loader that lives up to the next-generation promise that is attached to so many machines.

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