Kubota Introduces New RO And RT Wheel Loaders

Kubota introduced its new RO and RT wheel loaders at Plantworx, building its range and reinforcing its position as a major construction plant supplier.


Kubota has launched the its new RT and RO wheel loaders

The new loaders have been designed to suit a wide variety of applications in construction, public works, parks and agriculture.

Being articulated wheel loaders, they offer even more flexibility and efficiency.

RT wheel loaders

The RT models have a 45-degree oscillating-articulation angle, which makes simple work of fitting the machine through the smallest of openings, while low ground pressure minimises damages to delicate surfaces.

The hydrostatic transmission, meanwhile, has a high-capacity pump to deliver maximum power on site.

The RT wheel loader also has the most robust axles, with a 12-tonne capacity and a maximum travelling speed of 25km/h.

This combines power with speed to get the job done quickly.

Kubota RT210 Wheeled Loader at Plantworx 2015 Bruntingthorpe

Kubota RT210 Wheeled Loader at Plantworx 2015 Bruntingthorpe

The tipping load is 2,600kg, making it more than capable of matching its rivals.

RO wheel loaders

Both the RO65 and RO85 wheel loaders have enjoyed significant upgrades over previous models.

This has resulted in an increased dumping reach and an elevated dumping clearance.

This allows users of these machines to easily dump into raised truck beds.

They are also more than capable of working in pallet and fork operations.

The RO machines have excellent manoeuvrability characteristics and an impressive breakout force, along with reassuring stability.

Another important factor is a low height of just 2.5 metres, which makes it easier for the machines to travel safely on roads with low bridges.

The RT wheel loaders, meanwhile, offer superb 360-degree visibility and a pivoting articulation with extra strength.

They are extremely capable in operation both on and off the road.

Kubota’s business development boss, Neil Winfield, said that the new machines are the result of an exhaustive process of research and development, building on years of experience in the field and extensive customer feedback.

They are focused on delivering the best results in three important areas: those of comfort, ease of use and superior performance.

The new RO and RT wheel loaders have been extensively redesigned when it comes to the operator environment, which has been designed to reduce stress and tiredness, resulting in longer and more productive working shifts.

Every RO and RT wheel loader comes with a Kubota engine which has been specially tailored to offer the power characteristics required by wheeled loaders.

They have lots of power and bags of low-end torque, making the engine perfect for use on tough plant vehicles.

These engines also have some of the best emissions figures on the market, and the RO series comes with a sophisticated security system to combat theft.

The new RO and RT wheel loaders will be welcome additions to the Kubota range.

They are exceptionally tough but also very agile, able to bring superior power into the tightest site environments.

They also feature carefully positioned service points, making sure that all user-maintained components can be reached quickly and easily.

Service intervals are pleasingly long, and the new Kubota RO and RT wheel loaders promise a low total cost of ownership.

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