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Plant information

Make use of our extensive resource of plant information, helpful for those who may be thinking of purchasing a plant for sale and wants further details about a particular model of plant. Simply click on the model of interest to view the model in greater detail.

Atlas Copco Reviews

Atlas Copco DX and DN Compressors Plant Information

Atlas Copco DX and DN Compressors
The Atlas Copco DN and DX compressors feature an oil-free reciprocating booster system that combines the rugged design you have come to expect from Atlas Copco with the very latest and most efficient

Atlas Copco Dynapac CC1000 Roller Plant Information

Atlas Copco Dynapac CC1000 Roller
The Atlas Copco Dynapac CC 1000 roller is a compact articulated tandem roller weighing in at 1.6 tonnes. It has a one-metre drum width. The Dynapac range of rollers features small tandem models, and

Atlas Copco QAC 1250 On-Site Generator Plant Information

Atlas Copco QAC 1250 On-Site Generator
The Atlas Copco QAC 1250 on-site generator has been designed by the company to push the boundaries of is available to contractors in terms of power in a square foot of generator. This unit offers a

Atlas Copco XAS 27 Compressor Plant Information

Atlas Copco XAS 27 Compressor
The Atlas Copco XAS 27 compressor is the firm's most compact compressor. Atlas Copco has made its name in designing and building compressors, and no other company can beat it when it comes to range

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Bobcat Reviews

Bobcat 3400 Utility Vehicle Plant Information

Bobcat 3400 Utility Vehicle
The Bobcat 3400 utility vehicle (UTV) boasts the legendary toughness of all Bobcat vehicles, making it a great choice for the most demanding applications. Each Bobcat 3400 UTV boasts an innovative

Bobcat E17 Compact Excavator Plant Information

Bobcat E17 Compact Excavator
The Bobcat E17 compact excavator is designed to offer excellent attributes in terms of stability and robust construction in a compact footprint. That small size extends the versatility of the E17,

Bobcat E55W Compact Excavator Plant Information

Bobcat E55W Compact Excavator
For those looking for impressive power in a compact footprint, the Bobcat E55W compact excavator delivers in spades. It offers a powerful digging force for elevated performance, excellent comfort with

Bobcat S740 Skid-Steer Loader Plant Information

Bobcat S740 Skid-Steer Loader
The Bobcat S740 skid-steer loader delivers Tier 4 compliance with its 3.4 litre engine, along with superior performance and an impressive operating capacity. It also offers an outstanding vertical

Bobcat T1110 Tracked Loader Plant Information

Bobcat T1110 Tracked Loader
The Bobcat T1110 tracked loader is the smallest machine in Bobcat’s tracked loader range, with a 1443kg tipping load and a 505kg operating capacity. The machine’s small frame allows the

Bobcat T2250 Telescopic Handler Plant Information

Bobcat T2250 Telescopic Handler
The Bobcat T2250 telehandler is far greater than the sum of its parts, bringing superb telescopic utility into tight situations with its compact footprint. The machine's hydrostatic transmission

Bobcat V417 VersaHandler Plant Information

Bobcat V417 VersaHandler
The Bobcat V417 VersaHandler is a multi-purpose machine that combines the agility, speed and strength of a skid-steer loader with the extended reach capabilities of a forklift. Tool Carrier Bobcat

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Case Reviews

Case 4i T-Series Backhoe Loaders Plant Information

Case 4i T-Series Backhoe Loaders
Case 4i T-Series backhoe loaders enjoy a solid reputation throughout the construction world for performance, robust construction and value for money. The machines have a number of features that make

Case Backhoe Loaders Plant Information

Case Backhoe Loaders
Case backhoe loaders enjoy a solid reputation throughout the construction world for performance, robust construction and value for money. The machines have a number of features that make them stand

Case C-Series Crawler Excavators Plant Information

Case C-Series Crawler Excavators
Case crawler excavators are the go-to machines for major digging and lifting jobs. They have an intelligent hydraulic system with five energy-efficiency features which help keep running costs to an

Case C-Series Graders Plant Information

Case C-Series Graders
Case has been making graders since 1934, when it built the very first motor grader in Europe, so it is little wonder that the Case C-Series Graders are so accomplished. Today’s graders meet Tier

Case M-Series Crawler Dozers Plant Information

Case M-Series Crawler Dozers
CASE M-Series crawler dozers are the first to offer SCR technology across the range. SCR can mean real benefits for operators, with significant fuel savings and better efficiency. You also retain the

Case Series 2 Mini-Excavators Plant Information

Case Series 2 Mini-Excavators
When you need to get the job done, the answer is not always about brute power. Sometimes it is about getting that power into tight situations and bringing the power of automation to areas where only

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Caterpillar Reviews

Caterpillar 239D Compact Track Loader Plant Information

Caterpillar 239D Compact Track Loader
The Caterpillar 239D compact track loader has a radial lift design and is able to offer an outstanding mid-range reach and impressive dig characteristics and class-leading drawbar performance. It

Caterpillar 390F L Excavator Plant Information

Caterpillar 390F L Excavator
The Caterpillar 390F L excavator boasts a flexible hydraulic system offering many configurations and lots of options for implements. It is the ideal piece of equipment for customers engaged in the

Caterpillar 428F Backhoe Loader Plant Information

Caterpillar 428F Backhoe Loader
The Cat 428F Backhoe loader incorporates the most up-to-date clean engine technology, meeting EU Stage IIIB standards. There are also many new features to deliver better fuel efficiency, including a

Caterpillar 444F2 Backhoe Loader Plant Information

Caterpillar 444F2 Backhoe Loader
Caterpillar has a long and impressive history in the plant industry and has been building backhoe loaders in the UK for more than 30 years. Caterpillar Reliability Caterpillar like to build in

Caterpillar 826 Compactor Plant Information

Caterpillar 826 Compactor
The Caterpillar 826 compactor is built with durability as a priority. It is tough, simple and supremely capable in carrying out its work with the utmost availability across the longest life cycle.

Caterpillar AP255E Track Asphalt Paver Plant Information

Caterpillar AP255E Track Asphalt Paver
The Caterpillar AP255E track asphalt paver needs only a single operator to carry out all the work necessary for small to medium-sized sites. The machine features a simplified driving experience with

Caterpillar D5K2 Bulldozer Plant Information

Caterpillar D5K2 Bulldozer
Compact and Easy to Use - The D5K2 The Caterpillar D5K2 bulldozer is one of two compact dozers in the Cat range. According to the company, it is also one of the easiest to use in the industry,

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Doosan Reviews

Doosan DA30 Articulated Dump Truck Plant Information

Doosan DA30 Articulated Dump Truck
The Doosan DA30 articulated dump truck offers a payload of 28 tonnes and can handle both on- and off-road work. It is designed to cope with the most challenging terrain and deliver superb productivity

Doosan DL Series Wheeled Loaders Plant Information

Doosan DL Series Wheeled Loaders
Doosan has announced the launch of two new range-topping wheel loaders. The DL450-5 and DL550-5 are a new generation of Stage IV loaders. The new machines are designed to offer the utmost in comfort,

Doosan DX140W-3 Wheeled Excavator Plant Information

Doosan DX140W-3 Wheeled Excavator
The Doosan DX140W-3 wheeled excavator is designed and built to provide the best possible return on investment. It is powerful and robust enough to take on the biggest jobs and see them through with

Doosan DX19 Mini Excavator Plant Information

Doosan DX19 Mini Excavator
Every contractor wants to get the job done quickly, but it is not always about getting the biggest and most powerful machine on the job. With restrictions on greenfield sites and new interest in

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Hitachi Reviews

Hitachi EH 5000 ACII Rigid Dump Truck Plant Information

Hitachi EH 5000 ACII Rigid Dump Truck
Go to the very top of the Hitachi range of rigid dump trucks and you will find the EH 5000 ACII. Hitachi has created this machine to offer new standards in large dump trucks, with more refined

Hitachi EH1100 Dump Truck Plant Information

Hitachi EH1100 Dump Truck
The Hitachi EH1100 dump truck is manufactured using the latest technology to create the most robust rigid dump truck. Technology is also at the centre of the truck's telematics package, which

Hitachi EX 8000 Excavator Plant Information

Hitachi EX 8000 Excavator
The Hitachi EX 8000 Excavator is one of the company's ultra-large excavators in the Hitachi Giants series. These powerful monsters are the product of Hitachi's own theory of evolution. This is a

Hitachi ZAXIS-3 Hydraulic Excavator Plant Information

Hitachi ZAXIS-3 Hydraulic Excavator
The Hitachi ZAXIS-3 hydraulic excavator is one of a new generation of excavators from the huge Japanese manufacturer. It features clean engine technology and improved hydraulics. It also has a

Hitachi ZW550 Wheel Loader Plant Information

Hitachi ZW550 Wheel Loader
The Hitachi ZW550 wheel loader is designed to deliver on all fronts, including operator comfort, environmental credentials, productivity, low running costs and less downtime. It is capable of meeting

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Hyster Reviews

Hyster H1.6-2.0FTS Forklift Plant Information

Hyster H1.6-2.0FTS Forklift
Hyster is a recognised leader in the industrial forklift market, offering a huge range of both diesel and LPG trucks in a variety of formats. They also offer a standard line-up of forklifts in the

Hyster H36 48XMS-12 High-Capacity Forklift Plant Information

Hyster H36 48XMS-12 High-Capacity Forklift
The Hyster H36 48XMS-12 high-capacity forklift truck range is the strongest and most capable range of forklifts Hyster has ever made. It is a truck designed to shift the heaviest loads in the shortest

Hyster H8 0-9.0FT Forklift Plant Information

Hyster H8 0-9.0FT Forklift
The Hyster H8 0-9.0FT forklift series is offered in either diesel or LPG versions. These combine impressive power characteristics with a compact design, delivering a materials-handling solution that

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Hyundai Reviews

Hyundai HSL Skid-Steer Loaders Plant Information

Hyundai HSL Skid-Steer Loaders
Hyundai HSL skid-steer loaders are compact and powerful with comfort and safety built in. The operator station features ROPS/FOPS safety devices, and the design of the machine minimises noise and

Hyundai R1200-9 Tracked Loader Plant Information

Hyundai R1200-9 Tracked Loader
The Hyundai R1200-9 tracked loader is powered by the impressive Cummins QSK23 Tier II C engine, which offers efficient and clean combustion. The electronically managed power plant also has an

Hyundai R16-9 Mini Excavator Plant Information

Hyundai R16-9 Mini Excavator
The Hyundai R16-9 mini excavator is a compact digger that combines operator comfort with precision and power to come up with the perfect all-round package. The machine has a robust upper and lower

Hyundai R800 LC-9 Excavator Plant Information

Hyundai R800 LC-9 Excavator
The Hyundai R800 LC-9 excavator is a powerful performer with the Cummins Tier III compatible QSX15 engine at its centre. This is a reliable and robust power plant, proven over many thousands of hours

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JCB Reviews

JCB 1 CX Backhoe Loader Plant Information

JCB 1 CX Backhoe Loader
With a loading capacity of 600kg, the JCB 1 CX backhoe loader is the smallest machine in JCB's current loader range. JCB are known for their larger backhoe loaders, but the introduction of the I

JCB  4CX Backhoe Loader Plant Information

JCB 4CX Backhoe Loader
The JCB 4CX backhoe loader is a four-wheel-steer model and the biggest backhoe that JCB makes. It represents the result of JCB's 60 years of making backhoe loaders. It comes with the latest JCB

JCB 516-40 Plant Information

JCB 516-40
JCB is a front-runner in telehandler technology, having first pioneered the idea in 1977. Since then, JCB has built on this experience and gone on to become one of the most innovative and respected

JCB 714 Articulated Dump Truck Plant Information

JCB 714 Articulated Dump Truck
JCB launched its articulated dump truck range back in the 1980s, and since then the company has developed the machines to be more powerful, reliable, durable and comfortable. Getting these goals right

JCB 8008 CTS Micro Excavator Plant Information

JCB 8008 CTS Micro Excavator
JCB 8008 CTS Micro Excavator The JCB 8008 CTS micro excavator can be a very useful friend to have on some jobs. It is both narrow and small enough to fit through doorways and can therefore work

JCB 8020 CTS Mini Excavator Plant Information

JCB 8020 CTS Mini Excavator
The JCB 8020 CTS is part of the company's mini excavator range, which extends to no fewer than 20 different machines. It used to be the baby of the bunch until JCB introduced the smaller 8014, 8016

JCB JS370 Excavator Plant Information

JCB JS370 Excavator
The JCB JS370 excavator occupies the very top of the range of JCB tracked excavators. It weighs a hefty 37 tonnes and has been built from track to boom to deliver exceptional levels of durability,

JCB Skidsteer Loader Range Plant Information

JCB Skidsteer Loader Range
Skid steer loaders from JCB run the gamut from compact and nimble to large and powerful, with these wheeled machines offering impressive manoeuvrability across the size and price scale. Because the

JCB TM320 Wastemaster Telescopic Wheel Loade Plant Information

JCB TM320 Wastemaster Telescopic Wheel Loade
JCB designed the TM320 Wastemaster telescopic wheel loader from the tyres up to provide users with all the power and strength that they could ever need from an articulated loader. There has been no

JCB TM320WM Telescopic Wheel Loader Plant Information

JCB TM320WM Telescopic Wheel Loader
The TM320WM Wastemaster telescopic wheel loader has been constructed by JCB to give you all the power and strength you could possible wish for in an articulated piece of plant machinery. The unit has

JCB VMT 260-100/120 Road Roller Plant Information

JCB VMT 260-100/120 Road Roller
The JCB VMT 260-100/120 road roller has been built to offer the utmost in reliability and productivity. It also has so much more to bring to the table, including superb fuel economy figures, an

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Komatsu Reviews

Komatsu D37EX Bulldozer Plant Information

Komatsu D37EX Bulldozer
The Komatsu D37EX bulldozer offers outstanding operator comfort and productivity. A steeply raked bonnet gives an excellent view of the dozer blade, while large glass areas offer 360-degree visibility

Komatsu WA270-7 Wheel Loader Plant Information

Komatsu WA270-7 Wheel Loader
New Tier 3b Engine Komatsu has recently introduced the new WA270-7 wheel loader. This machine comes with a 149hp Stage 3b Komatsu engine, itself a proven Tier 3 compliant platform. Today, this

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Kubota Reviews

Kubota U Series Mini Excavators Plant Information

Kubota U Series Mini Excavators
The Kubota U Series mini excavator range has seven models, running from the U10-3 to the U55-4. These tracked mini excavators are renowned in the industry for their ability to tackle the toughest

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Linde Reviews

Linde R14-R20 Reach Forklifts Plant Information

Linde R14-R20 Reach Forklifts
Released in 2013, the new R14 and R20 forklifts from Linde raised the bar not just in terms of their working height, but also in the safety and the flexibility offered by a broad range of models. This

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Manitou Reviews

Manitou MLT 625 75 H Telehandler Plant Information

Manitou MLT 625 75 H Telehandler
Think of Manitou and you probably think of the firm’s mighty telehandlers, but the company has a strong offer in the compact telehandler market also. The Manitou MLT 625 75 H telehandler, for

Manitou MRT1440 Rotating Telehandler Plant Information

Manitou MRT1440 Rotating Telehandler
The Manitou MRT1440 rotating telehandler is an easy rotating unit that can punch above its weight as either a primary piece of construction equipment or as part of a larger fleet of rental vehicles in

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Skyjack Reviews

Skyjack Aerial Access Platforms Plant Information

Skyjack Aerial Access Platforms
Skyjack is keen to make sure that its products are as easy as possible to maintain, service and use, keeping the platforms in tip-top condition as safety is so important. This is part of the

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Terex Reviews

Terex Centre-Mount Backhoe Loaders Plant Information

Terex Centre-Mount Backhoe Loaders
Terex centre-mount backhoe loaders are pushing the boundaries in terms of efficiency, innovation and versatility. These backhoe loaders are designed to boost the operators' productivity and

Terex Site Dumpers Plant Information

Terex Site Dumpers
Terex site dumpers are the result of more than 60 years of experience in producing this construction-site workhorse. That represents generations of hard work in refining the design of these key pieces

Terex TLB 840R Backhoe Loader Plant Information

Terex TLB 840R Backhoe Loader
The plant-hire market is a particularly tough one, and any machine aimed at this sector needs to deliver on a number of fronts. Hire plant needs to be dependable and versatile enough to suit the needs

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Thwaites Reviews

Thwaites Alldrive 10 Tonne Dumper Plant Information

Thwaites Alldrive 10 Tonne Dumper
The Thwaites Alldrive 10 Tonne Front Tip Dumper is certainly a powerful load carrier. It can safely carry 10-tonne loads in its large skip, and it comes with a Deutz 121hp 3.6 litre engine. This power

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Volvo Reviews

Volvo DD105 Double Drum Compactor Plant Information

Volvo DD105 Double Drum Compactor
The Volvo DD105 is a large asphalt compactor which represents a new generation of compaction equipment from Volvo. These have been designed to be better for the environment but also better for the

Volvo EC140D Crawler Excavator Plant Information

Volvo EC140D Crawler Excavator
The Volvo EC140D crawler excavator offers operators outstanding comfort and productivity to maximise profitability. There is improved fuel efficiency as well as reduced emissions, and the improved

Volvo L350F Wheel Loader Plant Information

Volvo L350F Wheel Loader
The Volvo L350F Wheel Loader is designed to deliver, both physically and financially. It has performance and reliability to spare and also leads the way in total cost of ownership. It is a machine

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Yanmar Reviews

Yanmar C50R-3C Dumper Plant Information

Yanmar C50R-3C Dumper
The Yanmar C50R-3C carrier - or Yanmar dumper -is designed for all-terrain work, and it is especially useful in the sort of difficult conditions where a standard truck simply cannot operate. It is

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