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Tracked Dumper

Tracked dumpers can take on dumping duties in conditions which wheeled dumpers would not be able to manage efficiently or safely.

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Tracked Dumper

Tracked dumpers can take on dumping duties in conditions which wheeled dumpers would not be able to manage efficiently or safely.

Smaller tracked dumpers weighing three tonnes or less can accommodate an operator in a seat exposed to the elements, while there are also pedestrian tracked dumpers which allow the operator to walk along behind the machine while controlling it.

There are also models with fully enclosed cabs to deal with longer stints on larger sites.

A tracked dumper should have a tipping body which can get rid of its load quickly, while some will offer articulation and full body rotation to allow for increased manoeuvrability.

Buying a used tracked dumper makes this type of machinery more cost-effective, although there are a number of things to consider.


Tracked dumpers are not only better in off-road conditions than their wheeled counterparts thanks to the rubber tracks that they deploy for movement; they are also able to accommodate larger payloads because of the added power and stability that this platform provides.

Tracked dumpers can accommodate anywhere between 1.5 tonnes and 22 tonnes of material, making them suitable for construction and demolition projects of all types.

Various popular manufacturers produce tracked dumpers, including the likes of Hitachi, Kubota, JCB and Mitsubishi.

While a wheeled dumper may position the driver at the rear, a tracked dumper typically positions the cab up front and allows for the body to tip upwards just as it does on a dedicated dump truck.

Tracked loaders may be less able to head out on to public roads than wheeled equivalents and will instead need to be transported on a trailer or other vehicle, but the advantages they deliver in terms of payload capacity and traction are often enough to make them a more practical choice for certain organisations.

The type of body available on a tracked dumper will vary.

Some models offer rigid-sided bodies with a tailgate that can be lowered when appropriate to streamline unloading.

Others will come with full dropside bodies for added convenience, although this is a feature typically encountered only on smaller ride-on tracked excavators.

For units without cabs, rollover protection may be provided, and it may be a good idea to check whether this comes in the form of a permanent frame or one which can be dismantled to reduce the height of the machine and allow it to pass beneath low obstacles.

Tracked dumpers with enclosed glazed cabs can be comfortable and quiet environments for operators, including advanced ventilation and even air conditioning.

Visibility may be a concern, which is why the cabs are usually mounted on one side of the vehicle, with no room for passengers included.

When looking at used tracked dumpers, it is important to check on the state of the tracks, as well as look at the underside of the machine if possible, because the rocks, rubble and other loose materials that it will have encountered can make maintenance a necessity.

The hydraulic rams that tip the body should also be checked.