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Komatsu backhoe loaders are versatile and multi-purpose vehicles that can be operated both as an excavator and a loader and can also travel efficiently and independently on public roads, making it easier to move from job to job. Komatsu backhoe loaders come in a number of different sizes and also different configurations. A major difference in these configurations is the steering mechanism.

For example, a model with four-wheel steering is able to work in the narrowest of spaces, allowing the machine to access tight working environments. The range also offers an optional telescopic arm, which makes the backhoe loader even more versatile by extending the maximum digging depth that can be achieved. Stability is achieved when digging by extending vertical or horizontal outriggers, which hugely improve safety during these operations. The backhoe attachment, meanwhile, can be mounted in such a way as to accommodate digging along walls.

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Komatsu BackhoeThe diesel engine that powers the Komatsu backhoe loader has a number of jobs to do. It must drive the gearbox and also the torque converter. It must also power the pump that moves the oil into the cylinder in order to operate the front and back hydraulic implements on the machine. This system allows the operator to do heavy lifting jobs that need lots of power by simply flicking levers or moving joysticks with the minimum amount of effort. These controls are servo-actuated, which affords the operator a greater degree of comfort when working on the most difficult jobs.

The Komatsu backhoe loader family also benefits from a huge range of implements to allow the machine to tackle an even greater number of tasks. These attachments include tools for levelling, lifting, grabbing, drilling and dozing. There is also a separate range of tools for the rear arm, including clamps, hydraulic hammers and a huge number of buckets. Komatsu backhoe loaders come with a choice of premium or standard cab, and there is also an open platform configuration.

The Komatsu backhoe loader cabs all feature extensive glass areas in order to extend visibility to 360 degrees and give the operator a commanding view of the work site. The cab itself has been developed according to the latest ergonomic trends to give an exceptional degree of comfort to the operator, allowing him to work productively for longer periods and on demanding jobs. Comfort features include a deluxe suspended seat.

Komatsu are also aware that operators need a machine that perfectly fits their working environment. That is why the Komatsu 5 BHL Series backhoe loaders are offered with lots of scope for customisation, allowing the operator to tailor the machine exactly to their preferences. Whatever machine is chosen, all Komatsu backhoe loaders are designed to offer the best combination of performance and fuel economy, allowing operators to tackle the toughest jobs without increasing the diesel budget too much. Power is certainly required, but so is precision. The Komatsu backhoe loaders offer total control due to their sophisticated hydraulic system and gradated PPC backhoe control system.

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