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With a range of wheeled excavators on offer, JCB has equipment to suit various workloads. Wheeled excavators are more manoeuvrable than their tracked counterparts and JCB has models ranging in weight from 14.5 tonnes to over 22 tonnes, harnessing heavy duty hydraulics to ensure that loose loads can be lifted just as easily as objects of significant weight.

From the JS145W, which benefits from improved fuel efficiency compared to its last generation counterpart, to the SJ20MH, which is ideal for the collection and movement of waste material at recycling plants, JCB equipment can be invaluable to organisations, so long as the right type of wheeled excavator is selected. And with JCB wheeled excavators available used, it is possible to invest in one for less.

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Choose the JS160?

The 17 tonne JS160 is a suitable choice for some thanks to its use of an EcoMAX engine, which consumes a tenth less fuel than similar power plants designed in the past. With its hydraulic arm and bucket with almost a cubic metre of capacity, it can achieve a dig depth of up to 6.4 metres. The cab of this wheeled excavator, and of all JCB machines in this category, is well proportioned to ensure that the operator is comfortable while also ensuring that their visibility is not limited unnecessarily. This ensures it can be used in safety and comfort for hour after hour on site.

Or the larger JS220?

The 22 tonne JS200W is more powerful and resilient than its stablemates, while still leveraging fuel efficient engine technology as well as wheeled nimbleness so that it can be deployed for road repairs as well as on dedicated construction sites and elsewhere. The bucket offers a standard capacity of 1.19 cubic metres and the hydraulic circuits that bring the arm to lift are cutting edge, ensuring that the operator has exact control over its movement. As a newer addition to JCB's range of wheeled excavators it makes an intriguing choice for buyers.

Used JCB Wheeled Loader for Sale

JCB Material Handler Excavators

The JS20MH is the ideal wheeled excavator from JCB for material handling thanks to the fact that its cab is hydraulically mounted. This means that it can be raised and lowered depending on the needs of the operator, allowing it to achieve greater levels of visibility than would otherwise be afforded to it were the cab set at a fixed height.

JCB wheeled excavators must be checked for wear and tear to the tyres, hydraulics, cab and other components if they are being purchased on the second hand market. While this company makes rugged and reliable machinery, persistent use will take its toll and any maintenance which is required should be noted before going through with a purchase. You should also consider the type of environment in which the excavator will be used, because while some models are better suited to construction site deployment, others are appropriate for road works and others still will be more useful in a waste management setting. But for when tracked excavators will not cut it, an agile JCB wheeled excavator will be ideal.

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JCB Telehandlers

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JCB Backhoe Loader

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JCB Mini Excavators

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JCB Skid Steer

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JCB Tracked Excavators

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JCB Loaders

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Volvo Wheeled Excavators

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