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The JCB 714 articulated dump truck is the company's smallest offering in this sector, but it still packs quite a punch. This is a compact machine with the speed, power and versatility to deliver the results you want, even when operating in the tightest of spaces with the most limited access.

Despite a small footprint, it features JCB's 119kW engine with a fantastic 732 Nm of torque. This impressive power plant is matched with the silky Smoothshift transmission, which gives a useful top speed of 41kph, making it quick to move around the site and move from job to job. With so much power on tap, performance is guaranteed and progress is smoother than you could ever expect.

The JCB 714 articulated dump truck is an accomplished all-rounder and is used extensively in all sorts of hauling jobs and site preparation. You will find them being used in the rental market, which is testament to how popular they are. You will also find them operating in landscaping, construction, municipal work, land contouring and golf courses. In addition to the superb engine and transmission set-up, there is also a dry disc braking system to bring everything to an immediate halt when necessary.

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The JCB 714 articulated dump truck comes with a choice of either automatic or manual transmission, with each having six forward gears and three cogs in reverse. This gives a top forward speed of a shade over 40kph and a more than adequate 30kph in reverse. The body can tip at angles of up to 84 degrees to make sure that the load is always thoroughly emptied out.

JCB Articulated Dumper for SaleThe body has 36 degrees of articulation, and the rear chassis has oscillation to give better manoeuvrability, increased safety and a greater degree of ground engagement. There is a limited slip differential as standard to keep the JCB 714 articulated dump truck going across even the toughest terrain, and the excellent visibility from the cab means that the job can get done quicker and more safely with a perfect view of the surrounding work area.

The JCB 714 articulated dump truck has been built from the ground up to offer the highest standards of operator safety and comfort. This in turn boosts productivity as the operator enjoys an air-conditioned cab with easy-to-use intuitive controls and excellent 360-degree visibility.

No matter how robust and powerful any piece of plant is, it is only productive while it is at work. That is why JCB has made all routine service tasks as simple, quick and easy as possible. There is a single-sheet engine cover which hinges up at the back for the best access, and the cooling pack also has easy hinged access. The battery isolator is sited near the door of the cab for rapid operation, and there are also the IP69 electronics with the EMS remote monitoring system, which give the operator early warning of any problems or faults arising. Every grease point is also easily accessible from ground level.

The build quality of the JCB 714 articulated dump truck is second to none. It has a high-tensile steel body and the most durable and robust chassis design to give many years of excellent service, making a used JCB 714 articulated dump truck an excellent choice.

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