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Hitachi EH 5000 ACII Rigid Dump Truck Plant Information

Hitachi EH 5000 ACII Rigid Dump Truck
Go to the very top of the Hitachi range of rigid dump trucks and you will find the EH 5000 ACII. Hitachi has created this machine to offer new standards in large dump trucks, with more refined

Hitachi EH1100 Dump Truck Plant Information

Hitachi EH1100 Dump Truck
The Hitachi EH1100 dump truck is manufactured using the latest technology to create the most robust rigid dump truck. Technology is also at the centre of the truck's telematics package, which

Hitachi EX 8000 Excavator Plant Information

Hitachi EX 8000 Excavator
The Hitachi EX 8000 Excavator is one of the company's ultra-large excavators in the Hitachi Giants series. These powerful monsters are the product of Hitachi's own theory of evolution. This is a

Hitachi ZAXIS-3 Hydraulic Excavator Plant Information

Hitachi ZAXIS-3 Hydraulic Excavator
The Hitachi ZAXIS-3 hydraulic excavator is one of a new generation of excavators from the huge Japanese manufacturer. It features clean engine technology and improved hydraulics. It also has a

Hitachi ZW550 Wheel Loader Plant Information

Hitachi ZW550 Wheel Loader
The Hitachi ZW550 wheel loader is designed to deliver on all fronts, including operator comfort, environmental credentials, productivity, low running costs and less downtime. It is capable of meeting

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