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The range of Hitachi mini excavators is broad, extending to ten models. The ZX10U is the entry-level model and comes with a 9.5kW engine. It has an operating weight of 1,110kg and a backhoe bucket capacity of 0.024 cubic metres. This is an open platform machine with ROPS protection. Next in the range is the ZX170U, with a 14.8hp engine and an operating weight of 2,020kg. It has a backhoe bucket capacity of up to 0.05 cubic metres and a narrow 980mm width with a 675mm rear end swing radius. This combination of power and compact dimensions makes it an ideal choice for jobs in confined space that demand more power. The machine comes with a canopy cab.

The ZX22U comes with a 19.6hp engine and an operating weight of 2,390kg. Backhoe bucket capacities extend to 0.07 cubic metres. The machine is designed to offer a zero tail footprint and sets new standards in terms of operator comfort, safety and easier maintenance. The canopy is ROPS / OPG compliant, and operators enjoy accurate control of the machine and greater comfort from the enhanced seat and noise suppression systems. 

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Hitachi Mini DiggerThe ZX27, meanwhile, has a 26hp engine and an operating weight of 2,790kg. The backhoe bucket is 0.065 cubic metres in capacity and the machine has many enhanced features, including a strengthened structure, easy transport capabilities and simplified daily maintenance procedures. Together, these features make the ZX27 an extremely cost-effective solution.

The ZX29 has the same 26hp engine but boosts bucket capacity up to 0.08 cubic metres. The operating weight is 3,230kg. The engine is designed to deliver greater efficiency as well as power and the smoothness of combined operations increases ease of use and productivity. There is a ROPS / TOPS canopy or cab and an added counterweight increases the stability of the machine when deploying longer reaching attachments. The ZX33U Hitachi mini excavator has a 28.4hp engine and operating weights up to 3,720kg. The capacity of the bucket is 0.08 cubic metres. The machine has been designed to offer reduced fuel consumption, better durability from strengthened components and increased versatility with an optional upper muffler and auto shift travelling. The ZX38U again has a 28.4hp engine but operating weights are increased up to 4,170kg. Backhoe bucket capacity reaches 0.1 cubic metres. A large cab offers increased levels of operator comfort.

The Hitachi ZX48U mini excavator has a 37.8hp engine and operating weights rise to 5,060kg. The backhoe bucket capacity is 0.11 cubic metres. The machine is designed to reach the highest levels of productivity, while reducing running costs to a minimum. With the ZX55U, the engine is rated at 37.8hp. Operating weights rise to 5,370kg and the backhoe bucket is 0.14 cubic metres. The design features the shortest tail swing and Hitachi has squeezed a lot of power into a small footprint. At the top of the range of Hitachi mini excavators is the ZX65USB. It has a 45.7hp engine and a bucket capacity of 20.24 cubic metres. Operating weights reach 6,600kg. This machine features swift attachment operations in the narrowest of working environments and excellent accuracy in control.

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