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Hitachi dumpers were a common site on our construction sites from the late 1990s into the early 2000s. Not to be confused with the Japanese firm's rigid dump trucks, Hitachi dumpers abandoned the traditional dumper design for a far more robust construction. A traditional dumper usually has the dumping skip to the front of the machine and the driver seated behind on an open platform. The skip tends to dump its load to the front, although some are able to be raised first on hydraulic pumps. They also tend to be rear wheel drive and are generally wheeled.

Hitachi dumpers, on the other hand, are tracked machines. Models like the CG110D, dating from around the turn of the century, had an offset cab mounted right at the front of the vehicle. Some of these cabs offered air conditioning and most had a pretty good heater on board. To the right of the cab was the engine housing. This was sited low enough to so that the operator still had excellent sight lines and near 360 degree visibility. 

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Hitachi  CG 45 D
Hitachi  CG 45 D
Hitachi  CG 45 D
Hitachi  CG 45 D
Hitachi  CG 45 D
Hitachi  CG 45 D
Hitachi  CG 45 D
Hitachi  CG 45 D
Hitachi CG 45 D 2000 Tracked Dumper £21,500.00
4.3 tonne Capacity, Rubber tracks 90% good, Drive sprockets 50% &amp; 70% good, Twin Speed tracking, Mitsubishi Turbo Engine, Tail gate, Square truck but could do with the paint refreshing. 4.3 tonne Capacity, Rubber tracks 90% good, Drive sprockets 50% & 70% good, Twin Speed tracking, Mitsubishi Turbo Engine, Tail gate, Square truck but could do with the paint refreshing.</span></td></tr><tr

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Hitachi Tracked DumperThe skip compartment was situated to the rear and offered an 11 tonne capacity and a rock side body. The CG45-3 was a smaller, 4.3 tonne machine with a canopy cab and a drop side body. This gave the machine excellent all round access and great tipping capacity. The CG65D had a 6.3 tonne capacity and also featured a tough rock body. The CG70-3 had a 7 tonne capability with a cab and the standard rock body. The EG Series tracked dumper was a smaller 2.5 tonne machine with a open platform operator station. The offset operator's seat was reversible, giving excellent visibility and the ability to operate in the tightest of situations.

The tracked configuration of the Hitachi dumper series offers significant advantages over the standard wheeled variety. They are capable of putting down far more power to the ground and can therefore haul heavier loads. They also provide more traction, meaning that they can tackle far steeper inclines than would be possible with a wheeled dumper. For such a heavy machine, they can also be surprisingly gentle on the land. The tracks are able to spread the weight of the machine across a greater area than a wheel, thus reducing the forces being exerted on the ground. This can be especially important on areas where soil compaction would be an issue. Hitachi dumpers were also available with rubber tracks. These tracks were designed for use on surfaces where the normal steel tracks would cause damage. This makes them ideal for duties on paved surfaces and on floor preparation for industrial units.

You will find Hitachi dumpers at work in all kinds of situations and industries. They are robust and simple machines that take the capabilities of the standard dumper to a new level. When buying a used Hitachi dumper, the tracks should be examined for signs of wear as they can be expensive to replace. The smooth working of the hydraulic system is absolutely vital and the system should be extensively tested. Engines are generally long lasting but all major components, such as the transmission, should be examined and the underside should be checked for grounding damage.

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