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Graders are used in roadwork to both maintain and build surfaces, providing a more subtle approach to levelling off and adding camber than can be achieved using heavier and less precise equipment. Bulldozers may be used for grading work, but machines specifically designed for grading are available. They have smaller blades and a lighter construction and use wheels rather than tracks to get the job done.

Buying a used grader is a great way to improve productivity and get better results when laying tarmac. But you should consider the different grader models available and also check that the models are fully operational before putting any money on the table.

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Buy Volvo G Series Motor Grader G940B Plant For Sale
Volvo G Series Motor Grader G940B 2012 Graders POA
Used Volvo G940B motorgrader for sale, 2012 year model with 3500 hours. Front pushblock, ripper available to fit.
Buy Caterpillar 14 G Plant For Sale
Caterpillar 14 G 1980 Graders POA
Grader, Good working Machine
Buy Volvo G Series Motor Grader G720B Plant For Sale
Volvo G Series Motor Grader G720B
Volvo G Series Motor Grader G720B 2003 Graders POA
Used Volvo G720B motor grader for sale by Red Bull Equipment
Buy Caterpillar 14M  Plant For Sale
Caterpillar 14M 2009 Graders POA
Used Cat motor grader with Cat C11 engine with EPA sticker , full ROPS cab , 7 shank ripper with 4 shanks fitted , auto lube system , rear view camera and CE marked
Buy Caterpillar 16G MOTOR GRADER  Plant For Sale
Caterpillar 16G MOTOR GRADER - Graders £26,500.00
Used CAT motor grader, 4.6m blade, tilt swivel blade, tilt front wheels, manual transmission, CAT 3406 engine.
Buy Volvo G Series Motor Grader Loading shovel hi-tip bucket to suit L110 and L120 Plant For Sale
Volvo G Series Motor Grader Loading shovel hi-tip bucket to suit L110 and L120 - Graders £6,750.00
Volvo l110/l120 loading shovel hi-tip bucket,
Buy Caterpillar 160 Series Grader 160H Grader Plant For Sale
Caterpillar 160 Series Grader 160H Grader 2007 Graders POA
CAT 160H Grader 2007 9000 hours POA
Buy other Champion Grader 770 Plant For Sale
other Champion Grader 770 1991 Graders POA
1991 Champion 770 grader with ripper and front scarifier, low hours, Army reserve. POA
Buy other Unknown other Plant For Sale
other Unknown other
other Unknown other - Graders POA
Used ripper to fit Champion or Volvo motor grader. Download our free inspection report, inspected by an independent plant service and repair company. Ripper to fit models 710, 720, 726, 730, 740, 780

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Used Motor GraderDedicated grading machines will typically feature three axles, with two at the rear below the cab and one at the front of an elongated body, enabling the blade to sit in between for optimal performance. There are smaller two-axle models available, but they retain this same setup with the blade placed between them. A front-mounted blade may be featured on some of these units to complement the work of the central one, but this is far from a universal setup and means buyers should study the spec sheet carefully.

Grader blades may be straight, but for adding camber to the surface of a road some models are equipped with curved blades. Graders should also be capable of working on inclines and might be used to level off the surface of dirt tracks or roads that are covered in loose gravel rather than tarmac. A grader is not for use after tarmac has been laid. It is used to ensure that the surface that is going to be covered with this material will be even and flat.

This category also includes a number of bulldozers that are usually tracked rather than wheeled and offer a single straight blade at the front. While they may make a rougher job of things, they are immensely powerful and can be used to quickly make uniform large areas before a dedicated grader machine is then brought in to refine the initial work done by this heavy-duty equipment. Tracked vehicles such as bulldozers are heavier, louder and consume more fuel, but in the right circumstances will be the perfect tool for a contractor. And this highlights the importance of establishing which type of grading machine will be most appropriate to add to the plant that you use.

Graders are necessarily in contact with rough materials throughout their working lives, and thus the wear and tear to the blades, wheels, tracks and other external components can be significant over time. The undercarriage and all mechanical, hydraulic and electronic systems of a grader should be inspected before a second-hand unit is purchased. Buyers should also take note of any other additions that may be useful, such as reversing cameras, air conditioning in the cab and integrated GPS tracking to help ensure that the correct areas are being covered as efficiently as possible. With all this taken into account, a used grader can be purchased with confidence.

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