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Skid steer loaders from Caterpillar are small enough to make it through narrow gaps and across various surfaces without causing too much disturbance, while still having the scooping and hauling power to shift loose loads efficiently. And with modern options from this manufacturer available new and used, with operating capacities that start at just over 600kg and finish at almost 1700kg, buyers have lots of choice.

Caterpillar builds solid skid steer loaders that can withstand the trials and tribulations they may face. But you should still carry out a thorough assessment of a second hand machine before committing to make sure it is fit for purpose.

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Caterpillar 256C CAT 256C
Caterpillar 256C CAT 256C
Caterpillar 256C CAT 256C
Caterpillar 256C CAT 256C
Caterpillar 256C CAT 256C
Caterpillar 256C CAT 256C
Caterpillar 256C CAT 256C
Caterpillar 256C CAT 256C
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CAT Skid Steer for Sale

The largest and most powerful skid steer loader from Caterpillar is the 272D XHP, which has a C3.8 engine which features a turbocharger as well as an electronic torque management system. Maximum levels of control are assured thanks to the two speeds of travel that are available. The high output hydraulic circuits are not only suitable for many lifting and loading needs, but also outfitted with intelligent controls which can cut down on the amount of time that it takes for a cycle to be completed. The operator can set the tool to return to a set position, while the intelligent display setup means that managing all of the systems and functions from within the cab is not difficult. Servicing has also been made easy thanks to the design of the 272D XHP, giving excellent access to maintenance points so that daily checks can be carried out before work begins.

The 246D is a skid steer loader that Caterpillar has endowed with a radial lift design which means it can bring heavy loads to moderate heights without compromising safety. The cab is fully sealed, which means the environment within can be regulated to keep the operator in the comfort zone no matter what is going on outside, while noise and vibrations are also minimised. An efficient engine that is built to match modern regulations on emissions is on board, while the intelligent levelling system allows it to lift loads of varying weights across uneven surfaces while keeping an even keel.

With a rated operating capacity of 680kg the 226B Series 3 is at the lighter end of Caterpillar's spectrum of skid steer loaders. The hydraulic joysticks in the comfortable cab are not a chore to use, while more advanced models are available as optional extras if an operator requires even more functions at their fingertips, especially if other work tools are to be attached. The list of tools that can be added to this skid steer loader and the many other models from Caterpillar includes the likes of backhoes, blades, brooms and even snow blowers. If a skid steer loader is being sold used, then additional attachments may be part of the bargain. And industry-specific tools can sweeten a deal, as long as the machine and attachments are in good condition and are being sold at a price that takes into account the age and previous usage hours.

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