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Generators are essential in many industries, allowing an electricity supply to be made available where a mains connection cannot be reached. And Caterpillar is responsible for a range of generators, with both diesel and gas powered models available on the used market.

These complicated machines require a moderate level of upkeep and so selecting a second hand generator is only possible if you inspect it thoroughly first. You will also need to find a Caterpillar generator that has a high enough output to provide power for whatever equipment you plan to use in conjunction with it.

For a diesel generator that consumes as little fuel as possible, the Caterpillar C13 is a good entry level option. With a rating of between 320 and 400 eKW, it can be used continuously without skipping a beat and is built to withstand this kind of usage in tough environments.

The four stroke diesel engine is powerful yet does not waste its fuel, while the EMCP control panel gives detailed information about the performance of the equipment and allows for adjustments to be made on the fly to cope with whatever tasks it is being set to conquer. Furthermore the engine of this generator should start every time without incident, enabling a degree of consistency that will be valued by many operators.

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Buy Caterpillar 110 KVA  Plant For Sale
Caterpillar 110 KVA 2017 Generators POA
Model DE110E2, CAT auto control panel, CAT Warranty.
Buy Caterpillar XQ Series Rental Generator XQE60 Plant For Sale
Caterpillar XQ Series Rental Generator XQE60
Caterpillar XQ Series Rental Generator XQE60
Caterpillar XQ Series Rental Generator XQE60
Caterpillar XQ Series Rental Generator XQE60
Caterpillar XQ Series Rental Generator XQE60 2008 Generators POA
60 KVA, Galvanised Sound Attenuated Enclosure, 50/60Hz, diesel, 4001 control panel, 3 way fuel valve, CE plated, good working condition, choice of 3

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The smallest gas generator that Caterpillar currently offers is the G3306, rated to deliver a continuous 143 eKW with an engine that can draw power from a selection of gaseous sources for added flexibility. It will work with biogas and propane as well as natural gas and field gas, with a maximum electrical efficiency rating of 31.9 per cent for a unit of this size. While diesel generators might be considered to be noisy, a gas unit is a little less of a nuisance, especially when it comes to the small size and output of the G3306.

Of course for larger gas generators, Caterpillar is more than capable of supplying a capable unit, some of which actually offer improved efficiency compared with their more compact counterparts. The CG260-16 fits this description with its electrical efficiency of 44.1 per cent. It is intended to act as either a backup generator to provide electricity when a mains outage strikes a large facility, or as a solution that can be used to convert gas escaping from mining operations into usable electricity that helps to minimise waste and improve site safety.

The 3616 is the large mid-speed diesel generator form Caterpillar, with a minimum 3660 eKW rating and a max rating of 5320 eKW. Even with this kind of spec sheet, it is still a comparably efficient piece of equipment, as long as you have correctly assessed your needs before you buy. Because this and the other generators from Caterpillar have undergone extensive testing and use globally, you can rely on them to survive thousands of hours of use unscathed. With used models, check that the equipment is intact and working smoothly so that you can buy unbothered by issues.

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