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Owned by Doosan since 2007, Bobcat has over 57 years experience in manufacturing their famous skid steer, tracked and wheeled loaders.

In addition to the skidsteer loaders, Bobcat also manufactures a range of mini excavators - the 'E' Range and telescopic handlers the 'T' range plus a untility vehicle the UTP.

With manufacturing in th Czech republic and parts and degign centre in Belgium, this once US-owned business has a European focus, despite now being owned by Korean Doosan. 

With annual sales of more than $2bn, this is no small manufacturer, but a significant brand, owned by a heavyweight parent company.

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Buy Bobcat S Series Skid Steer Loaders S570 Plant For Sale
Bobcat S Series Skid Steer Loaders S570
Bobcat S Series Skid Steer Loaders S570
Bobcat S Series Skid Steer Loaders S570
Bobcat S Series Skid Steer Loaders S570
Bobcat S Series Skid Steer Loaders S570
Bobcat S Series Skid Steer Loaders S570
Bobcat S Series Skid Steer Loaders S570
Bobcat S Series Skid Steer Loaders S570
Bobcat S Series Skid Steer Loaders S570 2013 Skid Steer £15,000.00
Standard flow & High Flow Auxiliary Hydraulics Britcom
Buy Bobcat E Series Excavators E26 Plant For Sale
Bobcat E Series Excavators E26
Bobcat E Series Excavators E26
Bobcat E Series Excavators E26 2017 Excavators POA
Bobcat E26 comes piped for breaker, very versatile machine available for hire or sale.
Buy Bobcat E Series Excavators E26 Plant For Sale
Bobcat E Series Excavators E26 2012 Excavators POA
Details - Bobcat E26Year: 20121,000 hoursHydraulic Thumb AttachmentVery Good Condition£15,750
Buy Bobcat E Series Excavators E65W Plant For Sale
Bobcat E Series Excavators E65W
Bobcat E Series Excavators E65W 2013 Excavators POA
Bobcat E65 wheeled excavator, piped for hammer and rotation grab, available for hire with or without operator.
Buy Bobcat 743  Plant For Sale
Bobcat 743
Bobcat 743
Bobcat 743
Bobcat 743
Bobcat 743
Bobcat 743
Bobcat 743 2003 Skid Steer POA
Buy Bobcat 641  Plant For Sale
Bobcat 641 2000 Skid Steer POA
Bobcat 641 Deutz twin cylinder tidy machine
Buy Bobcat 751  Plant For Sale
Bobcat 751 - Skid Steer POA
751 Bobcat 6800 hours Kubota engine runs well
Buy Bobcat T250  Plant For Sale
Bobcat T250
Bobcat T250
Bobcat T250
Bobcat T250
Bobcat T250
Bobcat T250
Bobcat T250
Bobcat T250
Bobcat T250 2005 Skid Steer POA
Tracked, C/W Auger, Bucket, Pallet forks, Euro Hitch, Standard hitch.
Buy Bobcat E Series Excavators E16 Plant For Sale
Bobcat E Series Excavators E16 2014 Excavators POA
471hrs – has been serviced and includes 3 buckets
Buy Bobcat TL Series Telescopic Loaders TL470 Plant For Sale
Bobcat TL Series Telescopic Loaders TL470 2013 Fork Lift POA
Buy Bobcat 323  Plant For Sale
Bobcat 323
Bobcat 323
Bobcat 323
Bobcat 323
Bobcat 323 2008 Excavators POA
Dozer Blade, Rubber Tracks
Buy Bobcat E Series Excavators E85 Plant For Sale
Bobcat E Series Excavators E85
Bobcat E Series Excavators E85
Bobcat E Series Excavators E85
Bobcat E Series Excavators E85
Bobcat E Series Excavators E85
Bobcat E Series Excavators E85
Bobcat E Series Excavators E85
Bobcat E Series Excavators E85 2014 Excavators POA
HQH Hammer Piping Rubber Tracks 4 Buckets
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Bobcats' range of loaders include the infamous skid steers, but also all wheel steer loaders, plus compact- and mini-tracked loaders.

Skid SteersBobcat Skid Steer S570 Loader

All skid steers use the 'S' model prefix, the smallest being the S70 with the largest the S850 from the 800 series powered by the 4 cylinder 3.8 litre Kubota 92hp diesel motor.

All Wheel Steer Loader

Only one in the range - the A770 loader can be steered for smooth cornering, but also used as skid steer in tight spaces. The flexibility in steering saves tyres - skidsteers are notoriuosly heavy on tyres.

Tracked Loaders

The 'T' Range starts at the smallest T110, a quiet operator at just 101dB from the Kubota 42 hp non-turbo diesel engine.  The mini tracked loader range

Bobcat Compact Excavator Range

Starting at the tiny E08, stretching to the E85, Bobcat has been making these compact machines for more than twenty years. Choose from three different types of arms and can be specified with zero tail swing or with a conventional set up.

Bobcat rotary telehandler series (TR)

Bobcat Telehandlers

Bobcat AttachmentsThe range consists of the telescopic loader range (TL Series), the telscopic handler range (T Series) and the centrally swivelling rotary telescopic handler (TR Series)

In addition, Bobcat manufactures a range of attachments for their laoders, excavators and telehandlers. including augers, backhoes and the Bob-tach which makes it easy to change between attachments without leaving the cab. 

Further Bobcat Background

Bobcat utility vehicles address a huge market with a wide range of needs. These utility vehicles (UTVs) are used by private homeowners who have substantial grounds, grounds managers, farmers, municipal workers and construction clients. In order to tackle such a wide range of jobs, the family of Bobcat UTVs extends to many models, but all feature the same toughness and ability to complete the most arduous jobs. In addition to this versatility and performance, comfort is a major consideration, and the cabs provide great protection from the elements.

Bobcat UTVs can provide rapid transport between jobs, with some models capable of up to 40mph when the optional speed kit is selected. They can also accommodate up to six passengers in different seating configurations, so they can be a great way of transporting workers around a site or clients around a resort or other facility. Some of the models come with an optional cab, complete with air conditioning and heating, so staff and clients alike can always stay comfortable.

Bobcat UTVs are also capable across the roughest of ground and offer four-wheel drive to increase their capabilities on uneven terrain. They are available with a choice of petrol or diesel engines, so they needn't require their own dedicated fuel supply. The transmission can also be specified to suit your working conditions, with a choice of tough hydrostatic transmission or a simple CVT system to offer the easiest operation. The Bobcat UTVs needn't be viewed as just stand-alone transport machines either. Instead, they are not afraid to roll up their sleeves and get stuck in, and they can be ordered with an attachment capability to provide a real work horse.

The hydrostatic transmission is a great choice for those who want to transport more items in fewer trips. It can also maintain greater traction and boost productivity by getting more done in a shorter time while providing a safe and stable working vehicle. These machines are designed to give the greatest uptime possible. This is achieved with extensive underside protection and easy ground-level access to all maintenance points. The cargo area is also made out of the toughest composites for extreme durability.

A single Bobcat UTV can accomplish so much. These vehicles are perfect for transportation, haulage and towing. By opting for the attachment model, they can also take the strain out of a huge range of manual labour tasks. Bobcat knows that its UTV customers want to get on with the task in hand and not to be bogged down in learning how to operate their vehicle. That is why the UTVs are designed to have lots of car-like controls and simple instrumentation, making these Bobcat UTVs a breeze to drive.

At the same time, the 3650 attachment model comes with a huge range of tools to extend the utility of these vehicles into the maximum number of areas. These PTO implements include tools to blow snow, mow grass and sweep grounds. This allows the vehicle to become a real working partner and not just a mode of transport. With such features, Bobcat UTVs are some of the toughest and most practical around.

Learn more about popular Bobcat models:

Bobcat 3400 Utility Vehicle

The Bobcat 3400 utility vehicle (UTV) boasts the legendary toughness of all Bobcat vehicles, making it a great choice for the most demanding applications. Each Bobcat 3400 UTV boasts an innovative continuously variable transmission (CVT) which combines all the power you could ever need with excellent acceleration, a top speed of 40mph and an admirably smooth ride. The Bobcat 3400 UTV comes with a... Read more

Bobcat E17 Compact Excavator

The Bobcat E17 compact excavator is designed to offer excellent attributes in terms of stability and robust construction in a compact footprint. That small size extends the versatility of the E17, making it easy to transport from job to job. It also means that substantial power can be brought to small jobs in hard-to-reach places, getting the task completed quicker and more profitably. The... Read more

Bobcat E55W Compact Excavator

For those looking for impressive power in a compact footprint, the Bobcat E55W compact excavator delivers in spades. It offers a powerful digging force for elevated performance, excellent comfort with HVAC air conditioning and superb visibility from the well-equipped cab. A suspension lock increases stability, while excellent work capacity and gradeability give better performance. The Bobcat E55W... Read more

Bobcat S740 Skid-Steer Loader

The Bobcat S740 skid-steer loader delivers Tier 4 compliance with its 3.4 litre engine, along with superior performance and an impressive operating capacity. It also offers an outstanding vertical loft path, which makes it a perfect choice for a host of digging and lifting tasks. The Bobcat S740 skid-steer loader gives you unrivalled power and huge breakout force, making it a top performer. It is... Read more

Bobcat T1110 Tracked Loader

The Bobcat T1110 tracked loader is the smallest machine in Bobcat’s tracked loader range, with a 1443kg tipping load and a 505kg operating capacity. The machine’s small frame allows the operator to bring some serious power into constricted environments, getting the job done faster and more profitably. With a small footprint and lightweight construction, the Bobcat T1110 tracked loader... Read more

Bobcat T2250 Telescopic Handler

The Bobcat T2250 telehandler is far greater than the sum of its parts, bringing superb telescopic utility into tight situations with its compact footprint. The machine's hydrostatic transmission provides plenty of power and also gives the T2250 a great amount of precision and the smoothest of engagement characteristics. Control is a simple matter via the easy-to-use joystick, and the roomy... Read more

Bobcat V417 VersaHandler

The Bobcat V417 VersaHandler is a multi-purpose machine that combines the agility, speed and strength of a skid-steer loader with the extended reach capabilities of a forklift. Tool Carrier Bobcat calls the V417 VersaHandler a telescopic tool carrier or TTC, and it is a highly functional and versatile machine that has been designed to take on the hardest jobs efficiently and effortlessly. It is... Read more

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Latest Tracked Loader from Bobcat Revealed

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Full Bobcat S595 Skid-Steer Specifications Unveiled

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Bobcat Mini Excavators

Bobcat may be known for its skid steer loaders but it has been making excavators now for more than 25 years. With 16 models in the range, the family of Bobcat excavators is comprehensive and there is now a Bobcat excavator for most requirements. Already a leader in the skid steer market, the introduction a quarter of a century ago of the Bobcat excavator range transformed Bobcat from being a... Read more

Bobcat Skid Steer

Bobcat invented the concept of the skid steer in 1958 and still claims to be the best when it comes to skid steer loaders. The range is certainly extensive, with 12 models in the Bobcat skid steer loader family. Bobcat still regards itself as the leader in compact construction equipment. The invention of the skid steer in 1958 was a result of the pioneering approach to business that the company... Read more